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Before you get started I'd like to let you know a few things;

This website incorporates my experiences as an Autistic person and an Autism Professional but, much more importantly, it is a place of collective stories, reflecting on the barriers facing Autistic people. It addresses the negative narrative of Autism, focusing on Autism as an Identity, as an acceptable Neurology, while at the same time addressing the aspects of being Autistic that can be disabling, both by society, but as a Disability too.

It's a resource for Autistic people, Parents and Professionals to help you understand various concepts around Autism, get practical advice and take on the highly valuable inside perspective.

Much of what you read here you may find challenging, I hope so, because without being challenged we never learn or grow. I'm trying hard to make life better for all Autistic people through my Writing, my Public Speaking, through the Consultancy and Training I deliver; Through my research; and by supporting Autistic people and their families both online and offline.

Everything I work towards is focused on bringing about positive, sustainable and productive change that betters the lives of Autistic people, young and old.

I hope you find this site to be meaningful, real, useful and beneficial. 

Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate

New from Kieran

The Inside of Autism: Dates for 2022 now out!

The Inside of Autism is a live 7 week training course created and delivered by Kieran,

February and June SOLD OUT! There are places left for September and November's live rounds. You can join Kieran in 2022 as he delivers this life changing training; all of the information is here The Inside of Autism 2022

Are you interested in giving your views on use of language?

Kieran is currently involved in a research project with a number of other Neurodivergent researchers looking at defining the preferred terms for a range of Neurodivergencies.

If you're over 18, live in the UK and identify as Neurodivergent you can find out more here: Understanding the words people use to describe their own developmental disabilities

How The Autistic Advocate can support you

The Blog

Started in 2017, and now with over one and a half million hits, The Autistic Advocate blog has been shared across the globe. 

Kieran's articles are thoroughly researched and usually challenging.

Whilst he does share some memories of his life as a late diagnosed Autistic person, Kieran is more concerned with sharing the collective voices and reflecting on the experiences of the Autistic community, educating the non-Autistic world and challenging to do better

Autistic Advocate - Speaking on stage at an Autism Conference

Training and Consultancy

Kieran delivers training to a wide selection of organisations. 

From the public sector, the Private and Third Sectors, to family support groups, he takes his messages of Responsibility and Acceptance across the world.

Kieran also provides professional consultancy to a variety of Autism-related organisations across the world looking at both internal and public facing policies, services and practice.

Kieran is an experienced International Public Speaker and regularly delivers talks and webinars online.

Online School

In 2021 Kieran launched his online learning platform of courses and training, designed with Autistic insight, years of knowledge and reflecting on the latest of positive and useful Autism research.

These courses are aimed at Autistic People, their families and professionals and are designed to be validating, challenging and to open doors to new understanding.

You'll find training on a range of subjects not available elsewhere.

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"Dude, I could honestly write a six foot long comment on how I feel about your article, all I'm gonna say is WOW. 

I honestly thought it was just me, but reading your experiences was like reading my own life story."  LJ

"Open-minded, humble, intelligent expression and able to listen and learn. He always has the best interests of Autistic people at heart and works tirelessly to promote understanding and acceptance of difference." AK

"I have learnt so much listening to Kieran! I now know so much about Autistic masking and burnout and that has made a world of difference to me. Thank you is not enough Kieran."  DG

"Kieran is one of a few special individuals really intent on making this a better place for all people. A true Autistic Advocate with incredible insight, skilled and motivated to create positive change." LS

Popular from Kieran

An Autistic Identity

This article is a deep dive into the importance of Identity and how the medical model of Autism and societal views towards Autism have a huge negative impact on Identity.

I'm talking to anyone who cares to read and wants to understand why Autistic people are being broken upon the back of the wheel of society. I’m talking to all of you.  

We Are Not Okay

I asked the Autistic Community how Masking affects them. 

This blog is the Autistic Community speaking.

It is a cry for help.  A cry for understanding.  A cry for Acceptance.

Heed us please. Take note.

You’re breaking us.  Every day.  One piece at a time until there is nothing left.

Don't let the words of Autistic people stand as an obituary.

Let them stand as a monument to a world that chose to embrace difference,

not punish it...

What people are saying about The Autistic Advocate

Lived Experience

Kieran is a mentor and most importantly a true friend.

He has sat through more versions of The Life of Reilly play than I can count and always provided feedback with an insight that is direct, compassionate and utterly spot on.

Christine Stephenson

Life of Reilly, UK

Mind Shifts

Since becoming involved with NEAS Kieran has helped the whole charity have a complete mind shift on how we support Autistic people.

We are now 'Going for Gold', we have banned jigsaw pieces and we acknowledge that shifts need to be made in the services we provide.

Kerrie Highcock

North East Autism Society, UK

Funny & Dedicated

Kieran speaks with  warmth and genuine experience which is hard to ignore.

He is a man who wants to make the world a better place for those with complex needs and that starts with educating people.

Roxy Cooper

Best Selling Author, UK

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