Meet Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate

Published Author and International Public Speaker, Kieran Rose, is parent to three children, two of whom are diagnosed Autistic; and is husband to Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Trainer, Michelle Rose

Although Kieran is originally from Essex in the South East of England, they all live at the top of a very tall, windy and snowy hill in the North East of England; The backdrop to time spent writing the essays and work on this website, which have been read by over 1.5 million people.

With a background in SEND Education and service delivery for children and adults, working in schools and Adult services, Kieran delivers his own specialist Autism and Neurodiversity training to Professionals, Autistic people and families from all over the world; He also provides private consultancy for charities and organisations across the globe, both large and small; and has guest-lectured at Universities across the UK.

Kieran was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 23, in 2003, by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen at his CLASS clinic in Cambridge. Interestingly, in 2021, Kieran co-Authored an Academically published paper with his Academic Research Partner, Dr Amy Pearson, of Sunderland University titled: 'A conceptual analysis of Autistic Masking: Understanding the narrative of Stigma and the illusion of choice', which was written as a way of increasing recognition that Autistic Masking is not just a series of social strategies; and challenges many of the most damaging theories put into the world by Professor Baron-Cohen.

Despite having a range of disabling co-occurring conditions, including huge pain responses to certain sensory stimuli, Meniere's Disease and Situational Mutism, Kieran is invested in being an advocate for the rights of all Autistic people. These damaging narratives are, among other things, the reasons that spur him on to advocate both for and with the Autistic community, to promote understanding of the Neurodiversity paradigm and to reframe the negative narrative around Autistic people.

Kieran is Founder of The Autistic Cooperative, an International network and lobbying group for Autistic Professionals and Advocates, with over 700 members either represented individually or as representatives of over 50 different Autistic-led organisations; all designed to bring together Advocates from all over the world to share and join forces.

He is Senior Advisory board member of the US-based international Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Education organisation Therapist Neurodiversity Collective; Who are currently actively engaged in supporting and training OT's and SLTs/SLPs from all over the world in removing the ableism from their work and developing practice which respects Neurodiversity and focuses on Strengths and Autonomy.

Kieran is also Neurodivergence Educator for the US-based Occupational Therapy charity the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing. STAR all focused intently on sensory health and raising the profile of Sensory Processing as a major area for support needs and wellbeing.

In 2019 Kieran developed Infinite Autism. At one point a social enterprise in it's own right, but now enfolded into The Autistic Advocate as it's socially responsible and non-profit arm - dedicated to partnership working with Third Sector and other socially responsible organisations in developing and delivering funded projects; and utilising a team of Autistic people and allies to bring a wealth of knowledge and insight.

Working through Infinite Autism, alongside consulting on various research papers and some other research projects in the pipeline, Kieran is a published research partner with the Institute of Leadership and Management on the experiences of Neurodivergent people in employment. He is also currently co-producing qualitative research into different areas including Autistic Masking, Victimisation; and Monotropism and Autistic Identity with his research partner, Developmental Psychologist Dr Amy Pearson; and has a co-Authored qualitative research paper on Masking in young Autistic people in the publication process, with Dr Louise Chapman of University College London. 

If you lose sight of Kieran it's usually because he is devouring a Science Fiction novel, or a book on Autism and being sat on by a Maine Coon cat. 

New from Kieran

New Online Course

A training session by Jodie Smitten and Kieran Rose.

Kieran and Jodie invite you to explore all things 'autistic masking', with a focus on children and education, in the recording of their sell-out live February 2021 session.

New Research Paper on Autistic Masking

'A Conceptual Analysis of Autistic Masking: Understanding the narrative of stigma and the illusion of choice'

Read the background behind Kieran's newly published, co-authored paper on Autistic Masking with Dr Amy Pearson; looking at the narratives in research about Autistic Masking, where the gaps are and what the problems are.

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"Dude, I could honestly write a six foot long comment on how I feel about your article, all I'm gonna say is WOW. 

I honestly thought it was just me, but reading your experiences was like reading my own life story."  LJ

"Open-minded, humble, intelligent expression and able to listen and learn. He always has the best interests of Autistic people at heart and works tirelessly to promote understanding and acceptance of difference." AK

"I have learnt so much listening to Kieran! I now know so much about Autistic masking and burnout and that has made a world of difference to me. Thank you is not enough Kieran."  DG

"Kieran is one of a few special individuals really intent on making this a better place for all people. A true Autistic Advocate with incredible insight, skilled and motivated to create positive change." LS

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