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On this page you'll find a selection of Autism talks and Autism training courses on various topics related to Autism, Autistic Identity and Neurodiversity by both myself and others I have chosen to work with.

All my Autism training courses are aimed at validating Autistic experience and being a supportive learning tool for Autistic people, family members and supporters of Autistic people; and also Professionals.

If you choose to learn from me, and the other Autistic trainers I work alongside, you can expect to be honestly and directly challenged.   

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate

Please note: 

  • We are based in the UK but we charge in US Dollars as we have a huge range of international clients. 
  • We are not currently regsistered for UK VAT (sales tax).
  • If you are outside of the UK and purchase one of our trainings and/or the Membership you will be charged sales tax at your local rate (where applicable) and prices shown are before tax added.


The Inside of Autism 

Annual Membership now available!

What is the Inside of Autism Membership?

The Inside of Autism Membership is based on the sell-out, live training Kieran has delivered to over 3000 people around the world.

Instead of a live round (which lasts only 7 weeks) you can now take a whole year to reframe your understanding of the Autism narrative and join Kieran for 12 live Q&A sessions on Zoom.

What's the difference between this and other Autism courses?  

Most Autism training is stereotypical, wrapped up in non-Autistic behaviourally-based perspectives and incredibly deficit focused and ultimately useless.  It doesn't have any meaning.

The Inside of Autism strips back those stereotypes, provides insight from multiple Autistic perspectives, is grounded in up-to-date research; and shifts from a centred non-Autistic viewpoint to an Autistic one.


The Inside of Autism - Private training package for organisations 

What's different between this version and the public course?

The private version of The inside of Autism is for groups and organisations.  

For a fixed priced you will get exactly the same training as the public course, but you will receive 1-2-1 time with Kieran to focus on your organisation or group's specific needs, helping you meet the needs of your employees and/or services users.

Your 1-2-1 time can include Q&As and discussion regarding the course content or organisational consultancy including how to incorporate knowledge from the training into practice, how to build inclusive policies around new knowledge and ongoing support with current practice.

What your organisation/group receives:

  • Lifetime access the training sessions
  • 3 hours of bespoke support in the format you choose and used as you wish.
  • A 100 page downloadable workbook, a lot of extra downloadable resources including research, further information and links to relevant further support.
  • A certificate of completion for all members.
  • Additional resources which aren't included in the Public version


Autistic Masking: The basics & beyond


This is a one-off training session delivered by Jodie Smitten and Kieran Rose.

Kieran and Jodie invite you to explore all things Autistic Masking in the recording of their sell-out live February 2021 session.

Incorporating training, discussion and Q&A, with a lean towards children and Education; the course ranges from the development and underlying mechanisms of Autistic Masking, through to the implications of it over a life span.

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Asperger's Syndrome and Autism: A Narrative of stigma


In this training session Kieran looks at the history of the Asperger's label and why it has been removed from the DSM diagnostic criteria and the future ICD-11. This session recognises the validity of the label to those who have it, but highlights its problematic nature and the impact it has had.

This concise but valuable training is useful for Autistic people, Professionals and parents in helping to navigate a large aspect of the confusing mess of labels we all have to pick through, as well as shining a light on the impact of labels. 

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Montropism: Interests and Language and Autistic Spoken Communication


Recorded live in January 2021, this 50 minute talk introduces the theory of Monotropism to describe the Autistic brain and it's heavy focus on attention, how that connects with what are described as 'special interests'; and how that can present in Autistic spoken communication.

This course is perfect for those who have not heard the term Monotropism before and comes with additional resources to support your understanding and learning.

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Meltdowns, Shutdowns & Autistic Burnout in Autistic Children & Young People in Education Settings


Originally made as a presentation to Mental Health practitioners working with school-aged Autistic children and Young people, this 45 minute training looks at the relationship between Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout with Autistic Wellbeing.



NeuroBears is a course all about the autistic experience from PANDAS Online (run by our Inside of Autism co-host Nic King). Kieran features in many of the lessons.

NeuroBears is for autistic young people, they can share it with their safe adults and family.

NeuroBears has been created by autistic adults in collaboration with autistic young people.

E Books

An Autistic Burnout - ebook

$2.50 USD

The e-book version of one of Kieran's most widely read blog posts; An Autistic Burnout.

An Autistic Identity - ebook

$5.00 USD

The e-book version of one of Kieran's most in-depth blog posts; An Autistic Identity.

90+ Autism Positive Books - ebook/catalogue

$5.00 USD

The e-book version of one of Kieran's most visited blog posts; his recommended Autism positive books.

This ebook/catalogue is updated 3-4 times a year for you too! 

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