Welcome to my online autism training page where you will find a range of training on autism.

I offer ebooks, 'on-demand' training and my flagship training "The Inside of Autism."

My Autism training courses are aimed at validating Autistic experience and being a supportive learning tool for Autistic people, family members, supporters of Autistic people and professionals.

If you choose to learn from me you can expect to be honestly and directly challenged.  

I can also deliver in-person training and you'll find out more about these options on this page; Work With Kieran.

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate


The Inside of Autism is  my 'flagship' training. 

It has been designed not as a typical Autism training, but as a challenging and stark reframing of your understanding of Autistic people, young and old, against the backdrop of a narrative that pathologises, dehumanises and stigmatises Autistic people.

The training will make you sit uncomfortably at first (especially if you are a professional) and is very much designed to challenge you and your current perceptions of the Autism narrative.

It covers six topics which form one complete narrative arc which, when completed, will leave you in a place where you're able to think critically, and positively, about Autism and what it means to be Autistic.

I have three versions of The Inside of Autism which each have their own dedicated pages for more information; brief info and the links are below.

All three versions offer the same core training but have different additions e.g. being part of the community within the membership, or having exclusive Q&A time with Kieran for your team on the private version.

The Inside of Autism: Course Only


The course-only option of The Inside of Autism is an alternative for people who want to access Kieran's flagship training, without being part of the annual membership.

It is the same core training provided in the membership but without the community, Q&As with Kieran, additional resources and ongoing updates.

"HIGHLY recommended the brilliant Kieran Rose and 'The Inside of Autism' course. Fab, if you're autistic (epsecially newly diagnosed) and absoutely essential for literally everyone else. Plus, Kieran is just an all round five star human. Sign up now!!"

The Inside of Autism: Course + Annual Membership

$125 for 12 months

This option of The Inside of Autism gives you access to Kieran's flagship training and access to his online membership for 12 months.

It's the same core training  PLUS you get;

  • Friendly community, 
  • 12 live Q&As with Kieran
  • Additional resources 
  • Ongoing updates
  • Training available as a private podcast feed
  • Online Calendar
  • Comprehensive database of Questions and Answers from all previous Q&As (which is invaluable!)
  • And more!

"I think the Q&As offer considerable value. So much thought, passion and compassion goes into them that I can only thank you for your efforts and say how much they are appreciated."

The Inside of Autism: Private Training

Price based on number of students

The private version of The inside of Autism is ideal for schools, charities, local authories and businesses etc.

Your staff/volunteers etc access the same training as the public course, but you also receive a minimum of 3 hours 1-2-1 time with Kieran on Zoom.

Your 1-2-1 time can include Q&As and discussion regarding the course content and/or organisational consultancy (for example;  how to incorporate knowledge from the training into practice, how to build inclusive policies around new knowledge and ongoing support with current practice).

“You are advocating for change that is long overdue and you are doing so thoughtfully, expertly and importantly, you are using research and evidence to support your rational argument. I am so grateful that it is your voice that speaks for me and others like me.”


I offer a range of on-demand autism trainings which are all pre-recorded for you to watch at your own convenience.

(I'm based in the UK but have an international audience so I charge in US Dollars, scroll to the bottom for more info).

Below you'll find a mix of Kieran's own trainings and trainings he has co-created with others.

Please note these on-demand trainings are all for individual use only.

Interoception and Monotropism:
Paying Attention to Autistic and ADHD Experiences
(With Kelly Mahler)


An on-demand training about Interoception and Monotropism from Kieran Rose and Kelly Mahler.

This on-demand training was originally recorded live and the recording includes a Q&A with Kieran and Kelly and downloadable resources.

If you want to learn about the important intersection of monotropism and interoception, this course is a great place to start.

Monotropism, which is a common experience for many Autistics and ADHDers, is a term used to describe a thinking and processing style that utilizes a deep attentional focus on a few things at once that are intrinsically motivating or interesting, as opposed to a polytropic experience of attention that allows a person to focus on a broader range of things, though less deeply.

Lost Connections:
The Relationship Between Interoception and Masking
(with Kelly Mahler)


An on-demand training about Interoception and Masking from Kieran Rose and Kelly Mahler.

This on-demand training was originally recorded live and the recording includes a Q&A with Kieran and Kelly and downloadable resources.

If you want to learn about the important intersection of masking and interoception, this interactive course is a great place to start.

Masking refers to a safety response in which a person is driven to project an acceptable version of who they are in order to survive the world. Once considered to be a conscious, purposeful process of doing things on purpose to ‘fit in’, latest science and lived experience proves that masking is an automatic trauma response to stigma, invalidation and marginalization. 

Autistic Masking: The Basics and Beyond
(with Jodie Clarke)


Kieran and Jodie invite you to explore all things Autistic Masking.

This is a one-off training session delivered by Jodie Clarke (previously Smitten) and Kieran Rose. It was originally recorded live. It is a great introduction to the concept of Autistic Masking.

Incorporating training, discussion and Q&A, with a lean towards children and education; the course ranges from the development and underlying mechanisms of Autistic Masking, through to the implications of it over a life span.

What the session covers:
- What is masking
- Myth busting
- Masking; when does it start
- Why & how masking behaviour is sustained
- Implications of masking long term
- The dangers of unmasking
- Supporting safe unmasking
- Developing mutually respectful relationships
- Saying 'NO'

Asperger's Syndrome and Autism: A Narrative of stigma


A look into the history and controversies surrounding the Asperger's label.

In this training session Kieran looks at the history of the Asperger's label and why it has been removed from the DSM diagnostic criteria and the future ICD-11. This session recognises the validity of the label to those who have it, but highlights its problematic nature and the impact it has had.

In this session you will cover:
- The history of the diagnostic label
- The perceived differences between Asperger's Syndrome and Autism
- The implications of the Asperger's label
- Why the label no longer exists

This concise but valuable training is useful for Autistic people, Professionals and parents in helping to navigate a large aspect of the confusing mess of labels we all have to pick through, as well as shining a light on the impact of labels.

Monotropism: Interests and Language and Autistic Spoken Communication


This 50 minute talk introduces the theory of Monotropism to describe the Autistic brain and it's heavy focus on attention, how that connects with what are described as 'special interests'; and how that can present in Autistic spoken communication.

The theory of Monotropism (also known as the Unifying theory of Autism) is used to describe the difference between an interest driven Autistic brain with a deep singular focus on things it’s attention is drawn to (Monotropic), as opposed to a non-Autistic brain which can be multiply focused with more shallow split attention (Polytropic).

In this presentation Kieran;

  • Introduces Monotropism
  • Explains how that connects with ideas around ‘Special Interests’
  • Highlights the connection between Monotropic thought and Autistic spoken communication styles
  • Discusses the importance of why those communication styles should be validated

Accompanying this presentation are a number of valuable resources;

  • The originally published paper on Monotropism by Dinah Murray and Wenn Lawson
  • A wider explanation by Dr Damian Milton
  • A research paper on Monotropism and Autistic learning styles in school children, by Dr Rebecca Wood
  • An accompanying article by Fergus Murray from ‘The Psychologist’

This presentation is ideal for Professionals, Autistic people and those who support Autistic people, particularly those who are new to the idea of Monotropism.

Meltdowns, Shutdowns & Autistic Burnout in Autistic Children & Young People in Education Settings


Originally made as a presentation to Mental Health practitioners working with school-aged Autistic children and Young people, this 45 minute training looks at the relationship between Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout with Autistic Wellbeing.

While aimed at Mental Health Practitioners and Education staff, this training is useful for anyone working with, or supporting Autistic children and Young people accessing any type of Education settings.

  • The context of the school environment, what can contribute to Meltdowns, Shutdowns and the larger theme of Autistic Burnout; and the relationship of all this with 'school refusal' narratives.
  • Behavioural ideology around Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout which often feeds into making situations worse instead of better.
  • The definitions of Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout, identifying them and the role of Practitioners in supporting those engaging in them.
  • How Autistic Masking, Monotropism and Double Empathy are related to all of this.

NeuroBears from PANDAS Online


NeuroBears is a course all about the autistic experience of Autistic children and young people.

NeuroBears was inspired by The Inside of Autism and follows similar themes. You will also see Kieran in quite a few of the training videos!

NeuroBears is for autistic young people, they can share it with their safe adults and family.

NeuroBears has been created by autistic adults in collaboration with autistic young people by PANDAS Online (which is run by Nic King who supports Kieran in the Inside of Autism monthly Q&As within our membership).


AUTISTIC MASKING - Understanding Identity Management and the Role of Stigma

Dr Amy Pearson & Kieran Rose

The must read Autistic Making book from Kieran Rose and Dr Amy Pearson. No 1 Amazon bestseller in 3 categories.

Masking is a form of identity management involving consciously or unconsciously suppressing aspects of identity and action. Often seen in socially marginalised groups, it is found to contribute towards poorer outcomes for autistic people, and is related to higher prevalence of suicidality, exhaustion and burnout, and mental health difficulties. Autistic Masking offers a holistic understanding of the most up-to-date evidence in this field, with the aim of developing solid knowledge and practice in health, education and society.

Written to be accessible to everyday readers with an interest in autism as well as academics and professionals, the book deconstructs the predominant misconception that masking is purely a social strategy to ‘blend in’ with neurotypical (non-autistic) people. The authors consider the social context that facilitates impression management, including an individual’s response to stigma or trauma, and take an intersectional approach to exploring how autistic identity may interact with other aspects of selfhood.

180+ Autism Positive Books - ebook/catalogue


A comprehensive list of 180+ Autism positive books, compiled by Kieran Rose.

BESTSELLER: The e-book version of one of Kieran's most visited blog posts; his recommended Autism positive books.

It currently lists over 180 books, in a easy to read format and seperates the books into categories. Categories include Autistic Experience, Theory and Practice, Young People and many more.

It's a catalogue of the best books about autism currently available and you click straight through to buy the books from within the pdf.

This ebook/catalogue is updated regularly for you too (your purchase gets you access to all future updated versions).

You can read the full post, for free, on Kieran's blog here: Best Autism Books


Some of my blog posts are more like short books as they can run into the tens of thousands of words! 

They will always be free to read online, but sometimes it's nice to have something physical too.

I have created ebook versions so that you can print/read on your device.

An Autistic Burnout - ebook


An original blog, by Kieran Rose, in ebook format for you to print/read on your devices.

The e-book version of one of Kieran's most widely read blog posts; An Autistic Burnout.

17, A4 pages, all hyperlinks included (and clickable from within the pdf) along with links to current research into Autistic Burnout.

You can read the full post, for free, on Kieran's blog here: An Autistic Burnout Blog Post

An Autistic Identity - ebook


The e-book version of one of Kieran's most in-depth blog posts; An Autistic Identity.

So much of what Kieran talks about: Language, Masking and Burnout, the history of Autism, the diagnosis, the near constant invalidation, this need for people to have a paradigm shift at all about Autism; all leads back to one thing:

Identity. Specifically Autistic Identity.

45, A4 pages, all hyperlinks included (and clickable from within the pdf).

You can read the full post, for free, on Kieran's blog here: An Autistic Identity Blog Post

Please note:

- We are based in the UK but we charge in US Dollars as we have international clients (we recommend xe.com to check daily conversion rates).

- We are not currently regsistered for UK VAT (sales tax).

- If you are outside of the UK and purchase one of our trainings and/or the Membership you will be charged sales tax at your local rate (where applicable) and prices shown are before tax added.

- We are committed to offering full or partial busaries for people experiencing financial difficulties. Please email michelle<at>theautisticadvocate.com to find out more

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