"Not only am I a writer, but I also do other things."

In fact my writing earns me absolutely nothing.  Everything you can read here on my website and blog is absolutely free and, as you can see, there isn't even an advert to distract you.

But I do need to feed my children and pay my mortgage, so I have to earn an income somehow!

Below are some of the ways we could work together.

Just a note of caution: 

If you choose to work with me, you can expect to be honestly and directly challenged to do better and you can expect that you will have a lot to learn, no matter how good you think your knowledge base is, or your services are. 

I'm professional, patient and kind, but I make my boundaries clear from the beginning.  If you don't want to learn, or aren't prepared to make difficult changes based on hard truthes and work to overcome challenges together, then I'm probably not the person for you and you probably aren't the organisation for me.

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate

Different ways to work with me


I have developed my own bespoke, specialist training on Autism and Neurodiversity.

This training has been developed over a lifetime of personal and Professional experience and has been developed with input from a number of Autistic people and Psychologists. It’s a real mix of Autistic focus and up-to-date research and reframes Autism and societal thinking in ways that are both useful and productive, rather than the usual theory model training.

Much of what I deliver is based on unlearning what you think you know.

The training can be adapted to focus on areas of need requested by the client but, dependent on time restraints, generally covers the following areas:

The History of Autism, the Autism Industry, perceptions and misconceptions, what Autism actually is, typical and atypical/internalisers and externalisers, Co-occurring Conditions, Gender, Sex and Minority groups, Neurodiversity, the social and Medical models of disability, Sensory differences, Meltdowns and shutdowns, Sensory invalidation, Communication, Myths and Older diagnoses, Invalidation, ‘Behaviour’, Trauma, Anxiety, Masking, Burnout, Acceptance and Identity, Self-compassion, Advocacy.

This training is usually delivered in either Full day or Two day blocks. 

I also offer a private version of 'The Inside of Autism' which enables organisations to access the programme and have direct support from me.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND PRICES PLEASE CONTACT:  michelle<at>theautisticadvocate.com


I deliver focused workshops specifically covering the following topics.  These tend to range from between 1 hour to 3 hours:

Autistic Masking and Autistic Burnout

The history of Autism

Autistic Identity

Co-occuring conditions

Autistic Culture

Autistic Advocacy

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND PRICES PLEASE CONTACT: michelle<at>theautisticadvocate.com


I offer a range of Consultancy services depending on the needs of the client. This is usually a long term relationship and involves commitment from both parties and can include:

Cutting edge training from an inside perspective

Relevant Knowledge in theory and practice

Connecting organisations to the Autistic community and collaborative working

Organisational change, policy, induction and CPD

Improvement to client services

Sensory reviews

Client facing support and Training

Marketing and PR advice and support around key messages

Consultancy from me is challenging and focused on helping your organisation or service to become as knowledgeable, inclusive, and equitable as possible, all the while framed around meeting the needs of Autistic people.

I have a large pool of Autistic professionals that feed into everything and have a close team to provide specialist skills and insight to support the gaps in my personal knowledge.


Keynote Speaking

I am an International Keynote Speaker and have delivered at conferences and events of all sizes, all over the UK, Ireland and Australia.

I have a range of keynotes that can be adapted to suit conference/event themes and different audiences.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND PRICES PLEASE CONTACT: michelle<at>theautisticadvocate.com


I delivers webinars and Q&A’s for a number of current clients based around Autism generally, but also covering a large range of topics related to Autism including the following.  If you'd like me to deliver a webinar for your organisation, service or group, please get in touch

Some of the popular topics are;

  • What Autism actually is
  • Masking and Burnout
  • The History of Autism
  • Co-Occurring conditions
  • Autistic Identity
  • Sensory Difference
  • Invalidation
  • Anxiety
  • Gendering Autism
  • Autistic Culture

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND PRICES PLEASE CONTACT: michelle<at>theautisticadvocate.com

If you're wondering if Kieran is the right person to work with you here is a selection of his work;

Conferences & Events

Autism Canada, 2021 online conference. Speaker.
The Nurture Programme, 2021 online conference. Speaker
STAR Institute for Sensory Processing, 2020/21 symposium. Speaker/Host.
Interdisciplinary Autism Research Festival, 2021. Speaker
North East Autism Society Conference, 2021. Host and Speaker
Ausome Ireland Conference, 2020. Speaker
Ceredigion Autism Conference, 2019. Speaker
AIM Sunderland Conference, 2019/2020. Speaker
Bright & Quirky Conference, 2020. Speaker
Stockon-on-Tees 'Creative Inclusion' Neurodiversity Conference, 2019. Speaker

Academic Lectures

University of East London
University of Sunderland
The Anna Freud Centre
University College London
Edgehill University
University of Hertfordshire

Podcasts/Webinar Guest: coming soon (it's a big list!)

What people are saying about  The Autistic Advocate

Lived Experience

Kieran is a mentor and most importantly a true friend.

He has sat through more versions of The Life of Reilly play than I can count and always provided feedback with an insight that is direct, compassionate and utterly spot on.

Christine Stephenson

Life of Reilly, UK

Mind Shifts

Since becoming involved with NEAS Kieran has helped the whole charity have a complete mind shift on how we support Autistic people.

We are now 'Going for Gold', we have banned jigsaw pieces and we acknowledge that shifts need to be made in the services we provide.

Kerrie Highcock

North East Autism Society, UK

Funny & Dedicated

Kieran speaks with  warmth and genuine experience which is hard to ignore.

He is a man who wants to make the world a better place for those with complex needs and that starts with educating people.

Roxy Cooper

Best Selling Author, UK

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