"Knowledge is power..."

It's really important to me that Autistic people, Parents and Professionals have access to a huge variety of useful and proactive resources from which to learn from that are not just by or from me!

So this page is all about giving you the opportunity to do that.

From books, blogs, support groups, vlogs, positive organisations and research, to downloadable resources, all either created by Autistic people, by allies of Autistic people, or made in conjunction with both I want to build a resource bank that answers all and every question you might have. 

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate


There are a million books in the world written about Autistic people and most of them are absolutely awful, pathologising promoters of streotypes and tick box strategies that neither encapsulate what it is to be Autistic or provide anything but unimaginative, useless guff.

This Article links a huge list of books written by Autistic people and Autistic allies, all covering a huge range of topics from personal experiences, ways of supporting Autistic people and understanding Autism from a variety of different perspectives.

This article is being updated constantly, so please keep checking back.

READ THE ARTICLE HERE:  Recommended Autism Positive Books

Group and Pages

There are so many support groups on Facebook that sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which ones can be useful for you to join. Whether you are an Autistic person, parent or both, there are many groups which unfortunately serve only to reinforce negative thinking and the negative narrative of Autism.  

Part of learning to be a better parent, or learning to properly understanding yourself as an Autistic person involves challenging what you think you know along with gaining a better understanding of ways to support either yourself or your child positively and proactively, so here are some groups and pages where you can do that.

Please read the descriptions carefully and, when joing a group or following a page please read the rules carefully and assess whether it's right for you.  Remember you're joing to learn and sometimes it can be hard to accept that you might be wrong, or that what you do may be inadvertently harmful. 

READ THE ARTICLE HERE: Safe places online for parents of Autistic children and Autistic people 

The Most Popular Posts on the Blog


In summer 2018 Kieran launched a major campaign to educate people about Autistic Masking.

It reached across the world, was featured on national news and brought together a diverse range of #ActuallyAutistic adults to discuss Masking.

Two years on it continues to have an impact and a summer 2020 campaign is planned.

An Autistic Identity

This article is a deep dive into the importance of Identity and how the medical model of Autism and societal views towards Autism have a huge negative impact on Identity.

 I'm talking to anyone who cares to read and wants to understand why Autistic people are being broken upon the back of the wheel of society. I’m talking to all of you.  

We Are Not Okay

I asked the Autistic Community how Masking affects them. 

This blog is the Autistic Community speaking.

It is a cry for help.  A cry for understanding.  A cry for Acceptance.

Heed us please.

Take note.

You’re breaking us.  Every day.  One piece at a time until there is nothing left.

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