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"There is so much that we cannot achieve by ourselves alone."

I have a number of different partners who I work with for various reasons.  Some of them are organisations with a specific purpose, some are those I consult for and others are groups who work in areas I don't and can't cover. 

If you notice the letters (Aff) next to a link it means that if you follow it and sign up to something, I'll get an affiliate fee.  It's usually something nominal, but it's a way for me to support my income.  Anyone I affiliate with is someone I work with closely and would use myself.

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate


The North East Autism Society are an organisation I've consulted for over the last few years.  We've worked closely on how the organisation runs, how their services look and what services they provide.

At the moment their services include family support and groups aimed at children, specialist schools for Autistic children and specialist services for Autistic people with high support needs.

For Autistic adults, NEAS run employment services aimed at supporting Autistic people in the workplace.

In 2019 North East Autism Society and Infinite Autism created the Neurodiversity Think Tank.  A group of Neurodivergent Consultants who challenge NEAS practice and support them to develop services beneficial to Autistic people.

Things are progressing further with adult support, so watch this space.



Not only is Kristy a close friend, she also runs an amazing online support service through her organisation inTune Pathways.

Her online support involves training and mentoring around home life for families that are struggling, maybe just to support their children, but also sometimes beyond that when parents also are recognising that one or both of them may be Autistic.

Kristy is not only Autistic, but also identifies as PDA and is vocal about putting the correct support in place if you have a child with that profile.


inTune pathways


Acacia Education, founded by Louise Davey, offer workshops and training around all aspects of Education, Education Law, EHCPs and EHCP Law and Tribunal support for families of disabled children. 

Recently they have become more Autism focused, offering supportive therapy and mentoring sessions for Autistic children.

Follow Louise AND acacia education AT:


The Autistic Cooperative, co-founded by Kieran and his New Zealand colleague John Greally, is an international network and lobbying organisation of over 700 Autistic Autism Professionals, Advocates and over 100 Advocacy organisations.  Covering every continent and over 60 countries members of The Autistic Cooperative come together to share best practice, organise campaigns and support each other.

Follow the autistic cooperative AT:

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

Therapist Neurodiversity Collective, founded by Julie Roberts, are a US-based international non-profit lobbying organisation and network made up of Neurodiverse positive Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Kieran is a member of the executive board alongside Julie, ASAN Executive Director Julia Bascom and Amanda Merlin, owner of Discover Therapy Services NW

Follow Therapist neurodiversity collective AT:


Through his Social Enterprise, Infinite Autism, Kieran is working with the Durham Constabulary Autism Association on a variety of projects ranging from internal training and policies, through to changing arrest procedures and Custody and much more.  

The project is aimed towards increasing knowledge and acceptance within the Police in terms of both public facing processes, but also how Neurodivergent staff are supported.

Follow Durham constabulary autism association AT:


Addictions UK are a social enterprise run by recovering addicts, alcoholics and carers offering support services, recovery  programmes and housing and employment services.  

Through his Social Enterprise, Infinite Autism, Kieran is working with Addictions UK and Addictions North East on several projects around identifying previously unidentified Neurodivergent clients within their services, how to adapt recovery programmes to support Neurodivergent individuals and also action research into the reasons why addiction can occur and how to best prevent this from happening.



Through his Social Enterprise, Infinite Autism, and individually, Kieran is working with Dr Amy Pearson of the Sunderland University Psychology department on a number of research projects including: Mate crime, vulnerability amongst the Autistic Community and Autistic Masking

Follow Dr amy pearson AT:

Gecko Community

Kieran is proud to partner with the Gecko Community; an alternative education provision offering innovative online and face-to-face support for students aged 11 to 20 who are struggling with mainstream education.  Gecko's primary focus is the mental well-being of the student above all else.

Gecko community alternative online education provision the autistic advocate



To Download gecko community's 2020/21 session offers:


STAR Institute for Sensory Processing

Kieran consults for US-based, STAR Institute as their Neurodivergence Educator, providing support on policy and practice, providing training; and co-coordinating a yearly virtual summit focused on Autistic people. 

STAR are dedicated to improving the quality of Neurodivergent people's sensory wealth and health.

Star Institute for Sensory Processing logo via The Autistic Advocate

Follow Star Institute at


Launchpad Associates are a team of Business Professionals advising on all aspects of Business and HR in the North East of England covering services such as PR, Productivity, HR, Mental Health, Law and Sales.

Through his Social Enterprise, Infinite Autism, Kieran offers support in Autism and Neurodiversity from post-diagnostic mentoring through to policies and practice around recruitment and adjustments.

Follow Launchpad associates AT:

What people are saying about  The Autistic Advocate

Lived Experience

Kieran is a mentor and most importantly a true friend.

He has sat through more versions of The Life of Reilly play than I can count and always provided feedback with an insight that is direct, compassionate and utterly spot on.

Christine Stephenson

Life of Reilly, UK

Mind Shifts

Since becoming involved with NEAS Kieran has helped the whole charity have a complete mind shift on how we support Autistic people.

We are now 'Going for Gold', we have banned jigsaw pieces and we acknowledge that shifts need to be made in the services we provide.

Kerrie Highcock

North East Autism Society, UK

Funny & Dedicated

Kieran speaks with  warmth and genuine experience which is hard to ignore.

He is a man who wants to make the world a better place for those with complex needs and that starts with educating people.

Roxy Cooper

Best Selling Author, UK

The Most Popular Posts on the Blog


In summer 2018 Kieran launched a major campaign to educate people about Autistic Masking.

It reached across the world, was featured on national news and brought together a diverse range of #ActuallyAutistic adults to discuss Masking.

Two years on it continues to have an impact and a summer 2020 campaign is planned.

An Autistic Identity

This article is a deep dive into the importance of Identity and how the medical model of Autism and societal views towards Autism have a huge negative impact on Identity.

 I'm talking to anyone who cares to read and wants to understand why Autistic people are being broken upon the back of the wheel of society. I’m talking to all of you.  

We Are Not Okay

I asked the Autistic Community how Masking affects them. 

This blog is the Autistic Community speaking.

It is a cry for help.  A cry for understanding.  A cry for Acceptance.

Heed us please.

Take note.

You’re breaking us.  Every day.  One piece at a time until there is nothing left.

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