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"The at of teaching is the art of assisting discovery..." - Mark van Doren

It's vital that parents get the right information and support in order to enable to enable their child to receive the quality education and support they both need and have a right to.

This page is all about giving you the opportunity to do that.

Below are linked organisations I partner with that can support you through the various hurdles you and your child will come up against in the education system and some descriptions of their services.  You can also read about them on my 'Partners' page. 

As I'm based in the UK it's difficult for me to support people through individual country's education processes and regulations so please accept my apologies that this section is mostly UK focused.

Where possible I have been as generic as possible

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate


In the UK an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) is a legal document that denotes exactly what sort of support your child *has* to get in and out of school and what the local Authority *have* to do and pay for.

It's the next level up from an IEP (Individual Education Plan), which every child who falls under the bracket of Special Educational Needs (SEN/SEND - I hate that term), should have; and covers a wider context that's incorporate every area of a child's life.

I'm not experienced in the EHCP process and law as it doesn't fall under my professional remit. However I do partner with organisations that do provide this sort of support (Linked below).

For general information on EHCPs and independent advice on all aspects of SEND Law and entitlement, please visit: IPSEA

Organisations/people providing specialist support in the areas of SEND:



Online Education

Sometimes the time comes when you recognise that your child and school just aren't working, for whatever reason.

Some people choose to Electively Home Educate in the UK, some choose a route of 'Unschooling' and others opt for, amongst other things, alternate provision such as online education.

There are various suppliers of online education dotted around the UK, but the only one I've chosen to partner with are one who I know share the same values as me around the mental well-being of children and who I also know understand the impact of trauma, especially on Autistic children and young people.

Gecko Community is a brand new online alternate learning provider and support service which places the mental well-being of their learners first, above education and have created a system of free emotional support sessions to highlight this, more information about these sessions are available to download here.

Gecko support learners between the ages of 11-20 who are struggling with mainstream schooling because of bullying, trauma, poor mental health or other challenges, are at risk of exclusion or have self-excluded, have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD or a thousand other reasons.

To learn more about Gecko Community and the services please click here: Gecko Community

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