Autistic Masking:
The Basics & Beyond

Kieran Rose of The Autistic Advocate and Jodie Smitten, Children's Well Being Practictioner and Autism Specialist, invite you to explore all things 'Autistic Masking', with a focus on children and education.

This is the recording of their sold-out February 2021; a semi-structured talk which invited open discussion and questions throughout.

Incorporating training, discussion and Q&A, with a lean towards children and education; the course ranges from the development and underlying mechanisms of Autistic Masking, through to the implications of it over a life span.

The session is 2hours 3mins long.

What is covered in the training;

What is Masking?
Myth Busting
When does Masking start?
Why and how Masking Behaviour is sustained
Long term implications of Masking
The dangers of unmasking
Supporting safe umasking
Developing mutually respectful relationships
Saying 'NO!'

Kieran Rose

Your Host -  Kieran Rose

Well over 200 people have now been through this training which is amazing! It's always a pleasure working with Jodie.

Your Host - Jodie Smitten

The response to this session has been fantastic. I love that it's helped so many people begin to understand the basics of Autistic Masking.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and lived experiences with us. I greatly appreciate it as it helps me to become a better human, mother, and therapist. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m even more proudly autistic after attending the course

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