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I have a You Tube Channel!

Not many people are aware of that - I'm not a vlogger, but occasionally, either through collaborating with others, or having a talk recorded, I upload videos to my You Tube channel.

On the channel you'll find not only things I've done, but playlists with videos others have done which are related directly to my work or that I think would be really useful.

On this page below I've linked those that are mine, or that I've featured in.  

Hopefully you'll find some useful advice.

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate



In 2018 I ran a Social Media campaign called #TakeTheMaskOff which was designed to flood the internet with information about Autistic Masking. I provide a summary of the whole event in An Autistic Invalidation.

The following videos are all associated with the campaign, starting with the live launch with myself, Sara Harvey (Agony Autie); Christa Holmans (Neurodivergent Rebel) and Hannah Molesworth (Do I look Autistic yet?):

video with...

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Interviews with Agony Autie

Conversations with Sara Harvey (Agony Autie) around various issues which affect Autistic people:

Conversations with Kate Ross 

Kate Ross is an Autistic Advocate who blogs at Cherry Blossom Tree

In this video we cover Autistic Masking, Autistic Burnout and life generally:

Kieran being interviewed by Meghan Ashburn

Meghan Ashburn (Not an Autism Mom) interviews me about my articles on Aspergers Syndrome, Autistic Burnout and we talk about Autism and the issues with Society generally

Autistic Burnout with Kate Gaster

Kate Gaster interviews me about Autistic burnout

The Importance of the language used around Autism with Kate Gaster

A discussion with Kate Gaster around the negative impact of the language used in the current Autism narrative

Your child and diagnosis

An introduction to diagnosis and post-diagnosis for parents


A recording of my speech about responsibility around Autism.

An Autistic identity

In 2019 I was asked to attend and speak at an Autistic Pride event at the University of Kent.  I was unable to attend for personal reasons, so had to record my talk:

We are not OK

Trigger warning for talk of self-harm, suicide and mental health issues

A video I put together for a conference based around Autistic Masking.  The comments are all taken from an article I wrote during #TakeTheMaskOff sharing Autistic voices. 

Family life

A series of videos my wife and I did with the North East Autism Society around being Autistic, having Autistic children and what our life looks like

What people are saying about  The Autistic Advocate

Lived Experience

Kieran is a mentor and most importantly a true friend.

He has sat through more versions of The Life of Reilly play than I can count and always provided feedback with an insight that is direct, compassionate and utterly spot on.

Christine Stephenson

Life of Reilly, UK

Mind Shifts

Since becoming involved with NEAS Kieran has helped the whole charity have a complete mind shift on how we support Autistic people.

We are now 'Going for Gold', we have banned jigsaw pieces and we acknowledge that shifts need to be made in the services we provide.

Kerrie Highcock

North East Autism Society, UK

Funny & Dedicated

Kieran speaks with  warmth and genuine experience which is hard to ignore.

He is a man who wants to make the world a better place for those with complex needs and that starts with educating people.

Roxy Cooper

Best Selling Author, UK

The Most Popular Posts on the Blog


Step 1

In summer 2018 Kieran launched a major campaign to educate people about Autistic Masking.

It reached across the world, was featured on national news and brought together a diverse range of #ActuallyAutistic adults to discuss Masking.

Two years on it continues to have an impact and a summer 2020 campaign is planned.

An Autistic Identity

Step 1

This article is a deep dive into the importance of Identity and how the medical model of Autism and societal views towards Autism have a huge negative impact on Identity.

 I'm talking to anyone who cares to read and wants to understand why Autistic people are being broken upon the back of the wheel of society. I’m talking to all of you.  

We Are Not Okay

Step 1

I asked the Autistic Community how Masking affects them. 

This blog is the Autistic Community speaking.

It is a cry for help.  A cry for understanding.  A cry for Acceptance.

Heed us please.

Take note.

You’re breaking us.  Every day.  One piece at a time until there is nothing left.

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