Two male appearing figures helping each other climb a hill, with a sunset in the backgroundPlease help. Call for participants: Autistic-led research on victimisation

I am partnering in a research study with Clinical Psychologist Dr Amy Pearson, of Sunderland University.

It’s on the subject of Mate crime (which covers crimes of any sort committed on you by family members, partners and/or friends), victimisation (Bullying and unfair/unjust treatment) and how Masking is connected to both from the victim’s perspective.

We hope that this research will provide an evidence base for understanding and combatting victimisation, and help us to develop better supports for people who have been victimised, along with giving a deeper understanding of Autistic Masking.

Sadly the world is built on needing research to evidence things that the Autistic community already feel they have the answers to as a community and have been saying for a long time, so we hope this can make a real difference to people’s lives in the future.

The study has been created and developed from the beginning with Autistic people and those who self-identify as Autistic in full participation. It’s fair to say this is an Autistic driven research project.

We are looking for participants over 18 from anywhere in the world, who are either diagnosed as Autistic or self-identifying; and also non-Autistic people (for comparisons); all who are willing to answer some questions and share their experiences.

The questions are online, but there are other means of participation available (click the link below for more details).

The study is not funded so we can’t stretch as far as providing payment, but we have Amazon vouchers available through a prize draw if you wish to enter.

We appreciate this is a very difficult and triggering subject potentially covering huge areas of trauma and if at any point it becomes too much, feel free to bail. Your answers will ONLY be recorded if you submit them.

In order to take part please go to:

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