There are many co-morbid conditions that go hand in hand with Autism and ADHD is one of them, perhaps one of the most significant ones.

Jessica McCabe’s fantastic Tedx Talk video will take you on an emotional and witty journey through her past and how ADHD has affected her life, right up to the point where she finally embraced it.

I personally am not diagnosed as ADHD (Though I strongly suspect I am), my eldest son, Quinn, is currently going through the diagnosis procedure and I have no doubts he’ll be diagnosed.

ADHD is a Neurological condition that holds a lot of similarities with Autism in being a Developmental condition, causing a lot of similar traits and also, most importantly, it is something that can never be cured, only eradicated.  What is important to note though, as Jessica points out in the video, is that, like Autism, it can be helped by non-invasive and non-abusive therapies but, unlike Autism, ADHD can be supported by medication.  I’m not going to go into too much detail about ADHD, because Jessica McCabe describes it so much better than I ever could and she has even more on her fantastic website,  ‘How to ADHD’.

Suffice to say, ADHD is very, very relevant to the Neurodiversity movement a close ally of the Autistic Acceptance movement.

Please take the time to watch this video, Jessica is an amazing ADHD Advocate, with a brilliant story.  You can find Jessica McCabe, her other videos and important information on ADHD on her Facebook page.


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